Frequently asked questions

How can I start?

You can speak to the team by calling 07515 451581 or you can register your details online and we will give you a call straight away.

What kind of deals can I expect?

We only source properties that we would personally invest in, which is our ultimate guide in deciding which properties we are happy to put our name to.

We source properties around the UK with profit (equity gain) built into the purchase price or a high return on capital employed.

Where do you invest in properties?

We buy around the UK. We have access to quality tradesmen nationwide and a good team of solicitors, brokers and conveyancers.

Do I need to view the property before I reserve?

A lot of our investors never see any of the properties they have purchased. They rely on our extensive due diligence we have carried out and on our financial report. We do however recommend that our investors carry out their own due diligence for piece of mind.

How do I reserve a property?

You can contact our office and speak to a member of the property team. You will be required to pay a £500 reservation fee in order to secure the property and a finder’s fee on completion. The reservation fee is refundable once the property has completed.

Can I do more than one deal?

Absolutely! Most of our investors have bought several deals through us and are still looking to grow their portfolio.

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